Farmery & De Sutter
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Family trees (version 2015):

The Ron Farmery-Ghislaine De Sutter family tree

The David Farmery family tree

Many thanks to Liz, David, Elaine, Brian, Cyril, Edna, Chris & Ian, Bob & Di, Eric, Robert,
Alan, Louis, André Helga, Kerensa, Betty, Brigitte, Roy and many, many others for their contributions!

Wij spreken uiteraard ook Nederlands!
Nous parlons également le Français!

Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or
if you would like to add some information to any part of the tree.
If, unfortunately, you want us to remove some information, just contact us.

I must add, one the one hand, people talk about privacy concerns if their birthdate is published on a family tree website.
On the other hand, they will publish all sorts of stuff on Facebook including pictures and even their fights with their partners.
It does make me think I would be better off removing the entire family tree from the Internet!

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If you have trouble reaching us, you can also send mail to instead.

In the past, Alan Moorhouse has organized a couple of "Farmery" gatherings.
He also publishes a newsletter from time to time.
If you want more information, please contact Alan R. Moorhouse on +44 7970 770546
Alan has his own website at
and he can also be reached via email at .

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